Lucas Marsh

P. E. N. O. F. S. - 2012

Polymorphic Elevating Nano Optic Flight Suit

“Every Man’s Every Day Super Suit”

By Lucas Marsh

Photoshop rendering of Polymorphic Elevating Nano Optic Flight Suit

Photoshop rendering of Polymorphic Elevating Nano Optic Flight Suit


-A polymorphic suit bio-engineered to fly the owner to any destination in the world.

-Solar powered “tractor laser” satellites control launch and drop of traveler at programmed GPS coordinates.  Two satellites needed for flight system.

-Brain Implant Chip allows for hands-free “thought programming” and satellite communication (assuming implanted brain chips are a societal normality).  This system would be a download into the chip’s storage facility, a software program available after purchase of suit has been made.  Normal use includes access to World Wide Web and other storage purposes.

Flight Procedure:

1.       A thought is sent via Brain implant chip to the satellites positioning system with launch site coordinates and drop site coordinates.  “I want to go to Thailand”.

2.      Closest available satellites begin laser charging sequences.

3.      When the satellites’ positions correspond with the wearer of the suit, the suit morphs into launch shape.  The bottom flowers open to conform to the necessary parabolic shape conducive to laser ablation propulsion.

4.      As the suit forms the parabolic shape needed for launch, the individual cells within the suit align to create optical laser channels allowing for redirection of the laser beam’s photons underneath the parabolic suit shape.

a.      The focus point of photon redistributing cells constantly changes to emulate the result of spinning the parabolic shape on its vertical axis.

5.       When the two available satellites have been positioned for launch, both release high powered solar tractor lasers at the launch ready flight suit.

6.      Satellites bring the suit high enough in the air and close enough to destination where “flying squirrel” flight can be utilized the rest of the way.

7.      After maximum height has been reached and the suit has morphed into drop “squirrel” shape, satellites’ laser tractor beams deactivate and brain mod activates an autopilot program which guides flight to landing coordinates

8.      When lowest point of flight has been reached, brain mod tells owner that the incorporated parachute is going to be released

9.      Parachute is released and landing at previously programmed coordinates is achieved

Cartoon Enactment - LBM 2012

Cartoon Enactment - LBM 2012


·         Should be worn as often as possible in order to absorb as much solar energy as possible.

·         Made from photosynthetic polymorphic memory cloth which can become rigid when an electric current is sent through after satellites are activated and launch/flight/drop sequences have been activated.


Inactive Shape: Coverall One Piece – Light and Nonrestrictive.-LBM 2012

Inactive Shape: Coverall One Piece – Light and Nonrestrictive.-LBM 2012

Launch Shape: Parabolic – Rigid and Immobile

Launch Shape: Parabolic – Rigid and Immobile

Drop Shape

Drop Shape

Drop Shape: Flying Squirrel – rigid along the underside of arms and along corresponding sides of body as well as between the legs.  Material between these connections emulates nature material of current (2010) flying squirrel suits.

Brain Chip Satellite Communication -LBM 2012

Brain Chip Satellite Communication -LBM 2012

      A “brain mod” integrated circuit chip has been implanted in the brain which allows communication between available satellites, GPS locating and re-locating.  The chip also controls the shape of the suit or the properties required to handle the solar charged satellite lasers based on the present step of the flight sequence.

        Cellular makeup of suit serves threemajor functions:

1.       Charging for launch and flight sequences.

2.      Shape changing for different stages.

a.      Pre/post launch

b.      Launch

c.       Drop/landing shape

3.      Optical nano lens focus and channel the satellites’ laser photons to lowest point of suit’s parabolic shape.  Redirection is aimed at center of suit, where the legs have been encapsulated, allowing for laser ablation principles to ensue for launch.

·         Photosynthetic solar cells constantly charge suit.

1. Excess energy is stored within wearer’s body like a battery.

2. Gene alteration permits excess storage of energy within appropriate cellular systems.

3. Brain chip processes the storage and utilization of energy stored for the manipulation of suit shape.

4. The suit then can pull harvested energy through the body to allow for its shape and required property changes in different stages of flight.


Satellite Schematic

Satellite Schematic

·         Global Positioning

·         Solar Powered Laser Guidance and Tractor Beam System

·         Communication uplink with Intraweb (for personalized flight suit programs)

Artist Statement

My “extended body” extends past the prison of my physical body: the extension I’ve created spans human consciousness, defies gravity, and reaches past earth’s atmosphere.  My “suit” embraces a culmination of hypothetical technologies currently in development, advocates for the creation of others, and combines theoretical dreams with realistic applications (and fun!).  Although our current scientific, technological and moral boundaries currently limit the production of my “extended body”, I have thoroughly outlined, visually and verbally, my plans for “Every Man’s Every Day Super Suit”.

I’ve always been somewhat of a science fiction nerd; I love the DuneSeries, Ender’s GameStranger in a Strange Land, Kurt Vonnegut, Star Wars etc. and spend a fair amount of my free time pondering the significance of space in said time.


Since the dawn of time man has wished to fly: The Wright Brothers lifted the world off its feet.  So what does one do if they’d prefer NOT to bring the rest of the world with them on their flight?

Imagine human flight free of airports, airplanes, fossil fuels, sitting, overpriced drinks, bad movies, aging flight attendants, security lines, high prices and bad food. 

Imagine transmitting a thought with no physical effort to begin one’s flight to whichever destination they choose.

Imagine gliding down like a flying squirrel and peering at the landscaped through broken clouds… as opposed to double layered, plastic airplane windows (foggy and slightly sticky, of course).

Imagine landing at one’s destination via parachute.

“Every Man’s Every Day Super Suit” links photosynthetic solar charging, GPS navigation, “flying squirrel suits”, principles of laser ablation, nano-optics dynamic systems, gene therapy, electromagnetism, polymorphism, tractor beam theories and brain modification chips all together creating the best way to fly, ever. 

I’ve imagined every aspect of the conceptual design of my “extended body”.  I’ve linked numerous hypothetical technologies together to create an even more hypothetical system.   As incredulous as it seems, I believe someday this personalized flight system could become a reality (if we don’t nuke ourselves into oblivion first).