Lucas Marsh

Interactive VJ

Custom Interactive VJ Software: Resolume Arena, Kinect and Processing 

I was approached by a friend to create an interactive visual environment for a rock concert I was going to be in and Initially I wanted to take Kinectics and overlay images onto the red particles.  This was a bit of a pain in Max 6 and I was hoping to have multiple users be able to interact with the system.  I decided to approach the idea using Processing and  Amnon Owed had an open source kinect particle system project tutorial using Processing.  With only 2 weeks before the show and very little knowledge of how to program in Processing, most of the code stayed the same, except for alterations I made regarding image to particle mapping, the ability to scroll through an array of these images using the keyboard, and the interface with the extremely powerful VJ software Resolume.  Not only could I projection map the video feed onto whatever I wanted to project onto, but I could also perform a live VJ set that mixed in the Interactive Processing Kinect sketch.  Most of the video from the show unfortunately was on a memory disk I lost somewhere in Central America in December 2014, so I set up the system at my studio in Bayview, San Francisco about a month ago.